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Happy DeePee


This song represents a very sad event called “negative selection”, by which developing T cells that are potentially harmful are deleted. Sorrow of such cells is played in the progressive rock music and Butoh dance, portraying the whole life of T cells, from birth to the death, and to the secret revival.



Lymphocytes are prepared to fight against pathogens while they travel around lymph nodes. This song expresses determination of such a lymphocyte for the departure to the front line of the fight against pathogen, while remembering his/her home. The first verse represents a T lymphocyte, and the second one a B lymphocyte.



Always played in the beginning of NS gigs, meaning that we leave something not important behind us and gain something hopefully important. This song also contains some hidden story of a very forgettable person. Three or four NS members were born very forgettable. The intermediate part of the song was inspired by Pink Floyd music.



Originally supposed to be a last song of NS gigs. This lyrical and sentimental song, however, is not suitable for the climax of rock concerts. This tune is a slow ballad, rather rare among NS music.

Lazy Stemy

北村俊雄が学会長を務めた第9回日本血液学会国際シンポジウム(2018年7月27日-28日、於グランドプリンスホテル京都)に向けて北村が作詞、河本宏が作曲。本ビデオは初日に催されたWelcome Receptionでの初演の模様。骨髄の奥深くにある造血ニッチに潜んでいる造血幹細胞が、ゆっくりと自己複製をしながら、自分の出番をじっと待っている。最後にようやく出番が回ってきて、分化して種々の血液細胞を作り、感染や出血などの危機において役割を果たした。


A song composed for 9th IJH International Symposium which was organized by Toshio Kitamura who wrote the lyrics for this song. This video shows the first play of “Lazy Stemy” at the welcome reception of the symposium. This song is about hematopoietic stem cells who are slowly self-renewing in the deep hematopoietic niche of bone marrow. Eventually, “Lazy Stemy” had a chance to generate all blood cells play important roles in protecting the body (world) when the body (world) faced an emergency.

Who Performed

The band you`ve never seen before.

河本宏/ Hiroshi Kawamoto (Guitar)/Kyoto Univ.
京都大学再生医科学研究所 再生免疫学分野 教授

大野博司/Hiroshi Ohno (Vocal)/Riken
理化学研究所 統合生命医科学研究センター
粘膜システム研究グループ グループディレクター

大久保博志/ Hiroshi Okubo (Keyboards) /Progress.Inc
有限会社プログレス 代表 Negative Selection ディレクター

石戸聡/ Satoshi Ishido (Guitar)/Hyogo Col. Med. 
兵庫医科大学 病原微生物学講座 教授

高浜洋介/ Yousuke Takahama (Bass)/Tokushima Univ. 
徳島大学 先端酵素学研究所長 教授

北村俊雄/ Toshio Kitamura (Drums)/Tokyo Univ. 
東京大学医科学研究所 幹細胞シグナル制御分野 教授

後飯塚僚 /Ryo Goituska (Butoh Dance)/Tokyo Univ of Science 
東京理科大学 生命科学研究所 発生及び老化部門 教授

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