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This song represents a very sad event called “negative selection”, by which developing T cells that are potentially harmful are deleted. Sorrow of such cells is played in the progressive rock music and Butoh dance, portraying the whole life of T cells, from birth to the death, and to the secret revival.



Lymphocytes are prepared to fight against pathogens while they travel around lymph nodes. This song expresses determination of such a lymphocyte for the departure to the front line of the fight against pathogen, while remembering his/her home. The first verse represents a T lymphocyte, and the second one a B lymphocyte.



Always played in the beginning of NS gigs, meaning that we leave something not important behind us and gain something hopefully important. This song also contains some hidden story of a very forgettable person. Three or four NS members were born very forgettable. The intermediate part of the song was inspired by Pink Floyd music.



Originally supposed to be a last song of NS gigs. This lyrical and sentimental song, however, is not suitable for the climax of rock concerts. This tune is a slow ballad, rather rare among NS music.

Who Performed

The band you`ve never seen before.

河本宏/ Hiroshi Kawamoto (Guitar)/Kyoto Univ.
京都大学再生医科学研究所 再生免疫学分野 教授

大野博司/Hiroshi Ohno (Vocal)/Riken
理化学研究所 統合生命医科学研究センター
粘膜システム研究グループ グループディレクター

大久保博志/ Hiroshi Okubo (Keyboards) /Progress.Inc
有限会社プログレス 代表 Negative Selection ディレクター

石戸聡/ Satoshi Ishido (Guitar)/Hyogo Col. Med. 
兵庫医科大学 病原微生物学講座 教授

高浜洋介/ Yousuke Takahama (Bass)/Tokushima Univ. 
徳島大学 先端酵素学研究所長 教授

北村俊雄/ Toshio Kitamura (Drums)/Tokyo Univ. 
東京大学医科学研究所 幹細胞シグナル制御分野 教授

後飯塚僚 /Ryo Goituska (Butoh Dance)/Tokyo Univ of Science 
東京理科大学 生命科学研究所 発生及び老化部門 教授

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